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During the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 ° F, so we must take some care to expose ourselves to the sun. It is recommended to drink water, avoid sun exposure during the period between 10am and 16pm when the sun is strongest, and use sunscreen.

The main result of overexposure to the sun is dehydration which, depending on the intensity, can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Dehydration can be a dangerous thing, especially in older and younger people.

Keep our body hydrated, especially children, is essential in summer to avoid dehydration. Water consumption should be enhanced, while there is no ideal extra amount.

Parents should offer water and natural juices regularly throughout the day, especially when they are exposed to the sun. It is important not to expect a child to ask for  water, because when she is thirsty, she may already be dehydrated.

The younger, the greater should be the care with hydration. One way to evaluate whether a child is in need of more water is to observe the color of urine and how often she pees. The dark color and the little volume may be signs of lack of water intake.


To prevent your child to suffer with ardências or injury, do not take him to the beach in the hot sun hours (from 10 to 16 hours). Apply with your palms and evenly sunscreen with SPF of at least 20 every two hours.

If the skin is lighter, it is ideal to use a sunscreen with factor 30 or 50. The product should be reapplied after the child its out of the water or after sweating a lot. Strengthen protection with clear clothes, hats and sunglasses.

Infants under one year of age need extra care. Should be exposed to the sun until 10am. If you notice any of these symptoms (fever, intense thirst, dry skin without elasticity, sunken eyes, absence of tears and low fontanelle), consult a pediatrician.

Despite being responsible for the metabolism and synthesis of vitamin D (vitamin responsible for the uptake of calcium in the bones) rays from the sun can cause serious damage. If the child is not well protected, eyes and skin may be the most affected organs.

Excessive exposure can lead to diseases such as dehydration, heat stroke and burns. If prolonged, unprotected, can lead to skin cancer and eye disease as cause keratoconjunctivitis (syndrome of ‘dry eye’ which causes burning and eye redness) and cataracts.

Pranks in water
To avoid the risk of accidents at sea or in the pool, an adult should always supervise children’s activities. In addition to preventing the constant presence close ties between parents and children.

Use floatation rings compatible with the weight and age. If eyes become red or burnt, wash with water. If irritation persists, get medical attention.

Earplugs are welcome to prevent water from entering the ear. Cottons lightly soaked in oil also helps.

Tiredness at end of day
With so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoor weather, children may complain of tiredness at the end of the day. To minimize, take a warm bath and if possible, give a bath to relax the muscles more easily.

Fresh food, constant hydration and a good night’s sleep help small children to catch their breath for a day of play.

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