Preparing Your Perfect Photo Backdrop


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While most pool owners know that they offer an enjoyable way to relax, enjoy the weather, and even socialize, another use for your backyard swimming pool is as the background for photographs.

On clear days, swimming pools reflect the sun in a way that would be the envy of a professional photographer. Your pool also can serve as a glamorous background for pictures of your yourself, your children, or your family.

Pool Poses

The reason your pool is such an excellent place to take photos is because water reflects most of the sun’s rays, acting almost like a mirror. While some sunlight is absorbed into the water, much of it will be reflected back onto your photographic subject, providing stunning illumination that can help create the perfect photo.

Some of the best pool poses include close-up facial shots, half-body shots, and full-body shots. Pose resting on the side of the pool to provide some contrast, or float on a pool chair or inner tube in the pool’s center to put your subject in the center of the shot with spectacular photographic composition.

Lifelong Memories

Another benefit of using your backyard pool as the backdrop for your family photos is that the setting helps create positivity in your subjects. Children love playing in the water, so when you photograph your kids by the pool they will almost certainly be smiling and happy.

These are the types of photographs you will want to cherish forever: Those in which your family is at its happiest, having fun in the sun by the side of the pool.

Clean Pool, Happy Memories

Make sure your pool looks its best by scheduling your photo shoot soon after your pool has been professionally cleaned. This will ensure that the water –and your photographic subjects — glisten in the sun’s bright rays.

Clear, blue water provides the perfect backdrop so you can create happy memories with photos you can keep forever.

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