Pool Games Aren’t Just for Children


kids-in-the-waterAre you looking for ways to improve family time and build stronger bonds with your kids? Why not play some of the pool games you enjoyed as children with your entire family?

Many people’s most precious memories involve having fun in the swimming pool. Whether it is a legendary family vacation, a rocking pool party, or simply enjoy good times with the people you love, when you have a swimming pool, you can create some of the most important times in your life.

Pool Service in Boca Raton — Optimizing Family Fun

Your children won’t like it if you suddenly join them in one of their pool games … they will love it! Surprise your children by showing them you have a fun side as well as being a good parent.

Playing in the swimming pool hasn’t changed all that much since you were a kid. So joining in on the fun is as simple as remembering the pool games you used to play when you were a child yourself. You may even be able to teach your kids a game they have never heard of before.

Pool Service in Boca Raton — “Marco …. POLO!”

Need to jog your memory? How about a game of “Marco Polo”. That’s when one person is designated to keep their eyes closed while all the other players try to stay out of reach of them. When the blindfolded player says, “Marco”, the other players have to reply “Polo”. The blindfolded player then tries to reach the other players based only on the sounds of their voices.

A similar game is pool tag. One player is “It”, which means they have to tag another player in order to turn over that designation.

Re-enacting the Olympic games with races, diving contests, and underwater ballet is another fun and enjoyable way to build valuable family time.

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