Pool Covers Save Water, Time, and Money


Pool Covers

Adding a pool cover to your backyard swimming pool can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. In fact, your new pool cover may be able to pay for itself with utility bill savings in a year or less.

The biggest benefit of pool covers is that they significantly reduce evaporation. When water evaporates from your pool into the air, it needs to be replaced. Then that water needs to be heated. Then it needs to be treated with fresh chemicals. Together, these can quickly increase your utility bills.

Pool Cover Benefits

Outdoor pools lose water to the air through sun and wind. Depending on the temperature, humidity, and wind speed at the pool surface, pool covers can reduce the amount of make-up water needed by between 30% to 50%, according to the US Department of Energy. A pool cover also can reduce chemical consumption by 35% to 60%.

Indoor pools also lose a lot of water through evaporation from the ventilation system. Pool covers can help reduce this dramatically. Plus, when the pool over is on your indoor pool, you can turn off the exhaust fans saving even more money.

At that rate, the cost of installing a pool cover can quickly be made up through the money saved in lower water bills, chemical treatments, and heating costs for your pool. And after those costs are recovered, additional savings can go right into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

Cleaning Benefits

Another huge benefit of having a pool cover is that it creates a barrier between outside pollutants and your pool’s water. So things like leaves, tree branches, insects, and bird droppings are less likely to contaminate your pool water when you have a pool cover.

Pools with pool covers require less cleaning, less maintenance, and less service to equipment like pumps, heaters, and filtering systems.

Want to learn more about ways a pool cover can protect your pool while reducing your costs? Just as the experts at Eagle Pools!

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