Filters Keep Swimming Pools Clean and Safe


Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool, regardless of whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, sooner or later it’s going to get dirty.

Keeping pool water clean and clear doesn’t just make your pool look better, it also makes it safe for swimming.

Pool Cleaning Boca Raton — Two-Tiered Approach

Most pools have two ways to purify water. The first is the skimmer basket, which sits on the surface of the water and blocks larger debris such as leaves and twigs from making their way into the filter.

The second is the filtration unit itself. A pool’s filtration system removes undissolved dirt and debris from pool water, including hair, sand, and dirt particles.

Pool Cleaning Boca Raton — Types of Filtration Systems

There are basically three types of pool filters: Sand filter, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters. All three are highly effective at removing tiny particles from the water to leave your pool water clear, clean, and safe.

To make sure your pool water is pure, the pool should be tested two to three times per week during the heaviest use months of summer, and once per week during the less busy months. Testing pool water is the most effective way to maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels so that the pool is safe and comfortable for swimmers.

Pool Cleaning Boca Raton — Other Testing

It’s also necessary to test the pool water’s pH levels about once per week, making adjustments as necessary. Pool water that is too acidic or too base can not only affect water clearness and purity but also affect pool surfaces and equipment. Calcium hardness also needs to be tested regularly.

At Eagle Pools, we provide the comprehensive pool testing, service, and maintenance you need to ensure your backyard swimming pool is always in optimal condition.

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