Eagle Pools Protects Your Pool with Shock Treatments


Sometimes things happen so fast in your swimming pool that swift, determined action is required. Environmental factors like temperature, sunlight, and wind can cause a rapid buildup of algae or bacteria that not only turns your pool an unsightly green but makes it unsafe for swimming.

In cases like this, the best course of action is usually a shock treatment.  This is when your pool is given a big dose of chlorine or non-chlorine pool chemicals to instantly kill and stop the exponential growth of impurities.

Pool Control

At Eagle Pools, our team of experienced, professional pool technicians can regain control of your pool so you can once again enjoy it with your family, friends, and neighbors with minimal disruption.

A pool shock treatment typically is done at night so that there is time for the added chemicals to break down and dissipate, making your pool safe for use as soon as possible.

Frequent testing of the water by pool technicians from Eagle Pools will make sure your pool chemical levels are always safe and that our treatments are doing the job they are designed to perform. Safe swimming for you and your family is our number one concern.

Eagle Pools

At Eagle Pools, we always monitor your pool water to make sure it’s safe. If your pool needs a shock treatment, we usually will know about it long before the telltale signs of algae bloom or bacterial growth appear.

We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and equipment to ensure your pool is always perfectly clean, safe, and ready to use. We work hard so that you never have to worry about your pool water.

Our job is to make sure your pool is clean, safe, and always ready for you to use. Your job is simply to enjoy it.

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