Don’t Wait Until It’s Cold to Check Your Heater Repair


Swimming pool at hotel close-up Heater RepairOne of the most common pool repair and maintenance calls pool services receive this time of year relates to pool heaters. Pool owners wait until the weather turns cooler to find out that their heater isn’t working properly or isn’t operating at all.

On the practical side, this makes sense. Pool owners usually wouldn’t turn on their heaters until they need them. And they don’t find out they aren’t working right until they turn them on.

But here’s the problem: When the weather turns cold and more pool heaters are put into service the demand for heater repairs skyrockets. So pool owners are suddenly competing against many other home and commercial pool operators for the same services. And if you need your pool in service right away, that can be a problem.

Pool Heater Repair

The solution is quite simple: Check on the state of your pool’s heater before you need actually need it. This type of scheduled maintenance can ensure your pool is warm enough to swim in even when the air temperature falls. And it won’t leave you without a pool and waiting for service when everybody else is in the same boat.

Scheduled pool heater service is as simple as setting a reminder on your phone or making a notation on your calendar. Or you can simply call Eagle Pools a month before the cool weather typically sets in and ask us to run a maintenance check on your pool heater.

Fixing the Heat

If we find something wrong — such as your thermostat isn’t holding temp or the pool heater is failing to heat up properly — our trained and experienced pool technicians can take steps to make the necessary repairs immediately, while there is still plenty of time before you actually need to rely on the heater.

Don’t wait until it’s cold outside to learn that your heater isn’t working properly. Schedule a pool heater check well before the cold weather sets in.

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