Do Florida Pools Need Heaters?
Florida Pools Need Heaters


If you have an outdoor swimming pool in South Florida, do you really need a heater? The temperatures are going to be pretty warm year-round, right? So why pay to heat a pool that probably will be pretty warm already?

The reality is that South Florida gets its share of cooler weather during the winter months. And while it may not get as cold for as long as it does for our neighbors to the north, a pool heater ensures you and your family can always enjoy your swimming pool whenever you want.

Florida Cool

What’s cold in places like Miami or Boca Raton would be considered relatively warm in Chicago or Boston. But swimming in an unheated pool when it is in the high 50s or mid-60s isn’t comfortable if your pool is not heated.

Pool water will eventually reach the air temperature level although it may take longer in full sunshine. So when the thermometer drops to the 50s or 60s during the winter months, without a heater your pool is simply taking up space in your backyard.

Insurance Policy

Think of your pool heater as an insurance policy. You may never need to use it but if you do you will be glad you have it. If you want to ensure you can continue to use your South Florida swimming pool all year round without interruption, then you need to add a pool heater to your mechanical configuration.

Pool heaters are easy to install and relatively affordable. Professional technicians can retrofit them to practically any inground pool. With just one call to Eagle Pools, you can give your family the gift of year-round swimming in comfort and security. And you will never have to worry that the weather forecast is going to spoil your pool fun again.

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