Dealing with Decks that Are Too Hot


Swimming pool and wooden deck ideal for backgrounds

At the height of summer, the decks surrounding your pool can become extremely hot. If they are in direct sunlight and the outdoor temperature is high with little or no wind, deck temperatures can even become dangerous.

Don’t let an overheated pool deck ruin your pool party or swimming experience. Here are some simple, quick ways to prevent yourself from getting “burned” by your pool deck on the hottest days.

 Fancy Footwork

The part of your body that is most likely to get burned by hot wood or concrete decks is your feet.

Wearing a pair of flip-flops while walking to and from the water in your pool will create a heat-proof barrier between the high-temperature deck and the bottom of your feet. Simply kick off the flip flops when you enter the water and slip them back on when you get out.

Or wear them into the pool if you want. Flip-flops are waterproof. And if they somehow come off your feet while you are swimming or playing in the water, they will simply float to the top.

 Hose It Down

If you invite guests to enjoy your backyard swimming pool or throwing a pool party on a hot summer’s day, it’s a good idea to hose down your deck with cool water a few minutes before your guests arrive.

The cold hose water will instantly bring down the temperature of your deck to a more comfortable level so that your guests — especially children — don’t accidentally get burned by your overheated wooden or concrete pool deck.

If you or your guests plan to sunbathe while laying directly on the pool deck, make sure to have plenty of thick, comfortable towels available to provide a safe, effective barrier between the hot deck and skin.

Spending hot days at the swimming pool is one of life’s simple pleasures. Use these tips to prevent your overheated pool deck from spoiling your fun.

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