What Chemicals Are Found in Swimming Pool Water?


When the expert pool professionals from Eagle Pools treat the water in your pool, they actually balancing a delicate combination of chemicals that help keep your pool clean, protect the people that swim in it, and prolong the life of the water so that it doesn’t need to be treated as frequently.

But what exactly are the chemicals that are found in pool water? And what can happen if they are not properly balanced by licensed professionals, such as those from Eagle Pools?

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Disinfecting agents are chemicals that are used to kill any pathogens that can form in your pool’s water. Bacteria and other pathogens reproduce in warm, wet environments, making your backyard swimming pool the ideal space for the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.

The most common pool disinfectant is chlorine, which is actually an element. Specifically, calcium hypochlorite in the solid form of sodium hypochlorite in the liquid form is added to the water, where it reacts to form various chemicals, especially hypochlorous acid.

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This compound kills bacteria and other pathogens by attacking lipids in the cell walls. It also destroys the enzymes and structures inside the cell through a process known as oxidation reaction.

Other types of sanitizers, notably bromide, do essentially the same thing except through a slightly different process.

Chlorine usually is prepared in either a liquid, powder, or tablet form. For larger community pools, a chlorine gas is used.

Typically, chlorine is added to the water just after it is filtered by means of a chemical feeder. But sometimes it is added directly to the pool via tablets that are placed in skimmer boxes.

Your pool professionals at Eagle Pools measure, control, and balance the chemicals in your pool’s water so you never have to worry about it.

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