Know what creatures live in your pool

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You should always check the water and look for any kid of insect larvae or strange organism that is swimming around because there are some parasites that can attach to your skin and end up causing an infection that will be very harmful to your health. The best way to maintain your pool clean is to use special liquids that purify the water and ensure that you won’t have to deal with any issues. This is very important and you have to keep a close eye on your pool.

Your health and the health of your loved ones could be greatly affected if you allow for these sort of parasites and bacteria carrying organisms to be floating around and swimming around in your pool. Remember that your protection should always be first when it comes to your swimming pool and proper maintenance is not something as simple as some people might think it is.

Always look for a reliable team of people who can provide great services at affordable prices and you should be able to keep things under control. Otherwise you need to purchase all the cleaning items we mentioned if you want to perform the maintenance yourself.

The fall is probably the messiest season due to how many leaves fall into the ground and that is the main reason why proper maintenance is required.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What is the best pool filter

When you are thinking of getting the best kind of pool filter, you need to consider a number of things before you make your decision. A good filter for your pool is going to be extremely important and it will help keep your pool clean for much longer, which means you will be saving a lot of money on your pool cleaning needs. With that said there are three types of filters for swimming pools and we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages that each one has to offer.

The earth filter

This is probably the finest method for filtration that is currently available. They are excellent for the purest filtration that you can find, but they do have the issue of being extremely high maintenance in comparison to the sand filter.

The sand filter

This is the oldest of all the pool filtration systems available. This is the one that is used by most people and it has the advantage of being a lot easier to change and cleanup. The best thing is that it won’t need to be disassembled at any point in order for proper maintenance to be performed.

Cartridge filters

The cartridge has the advantage of being able to handle more pressure than the earth filters, but they also have the same issues of being harder to maintain than the sand filter. It all comes down to how practical you want to be and how much pressure you are planning to apply with the pumps.


All of the filters have their pros and cons and it will come down to how much time you want to spend providing maintenance and how important filtering quality will be deepening on your location.

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What you need to know about salt system

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Providing proper maintenance to a pool is going to be essential if we want to ensure that it will always be in optimal conditions when we swim in it. The most popular method that has been used for decades in swimming pool is chlorine, but everyone knows how damaging this can be for the skin and the eyes in the long run. The use of salt water for pool maintenance will allow you to spend a much lower amount of time checking the condition of your pool.

Salt treatment is an extremely powerful method that will always work wonders on any location. Being able to get proper maintenance for your pool is essential to keep your family safe from bacteria and harmful elements that might be in your pool water.

The amount of maintenance given to your pool will depend on various factors. The first one is the actual pool usage. How often the pool is used will determine if weekly maintenance is needed. The weather conditions in your area will also provide a very important result that you need to consider.

The salt water maintenance for your pool is recommended as the safest method available and this is the reason why so many people are starting to pay more attention to it and consider it to be the ideal way to keep the water clean and safe for use.

If you own a pool and you are looking for a maintenance method that is safer for you and your family, you will find the salt water maintenance to be the best one. Just ask any pool maintenance business to help you find the best methods and you will be very happy with the results once you switch to it. The water will be clean for a long time and maintenance will not be required so often.


The dangers of a dirty pool


There is no question that nothing feels better than taking a good dip in your swimming pool when you are exhausted during a hot summer day. There are thousands of people who like to cool down by taking a swim and this is definitely a very healthy activity to do because it will help you exercise and it will keep you from getting a heatstroke during the summer. The problem is that we fail to realize that our swimming pool could also be turned into a terrible danger if we don’t give it proper maintenance. In this article we are going to talk about the dangers that come from a dirty pool.

A dirty pool hat has been used by a large number of people, even if it’s in a private residence, could have more dangers in the water than you imagine. A lot of pool contamination can be caused by the weather and even by animals. There are some germs that have actually developed enough tolerance to chlorine and this is has even led to people contracting hepatitis A from swimming pools. We are not saying this to alarm you, we are just saying that a dirty pool is not going to be cleansed by simply using some chlorine to kill the many germs that could live in it. Causing you to catch all kinds of diseases that you would have easily avoided with proper maintenance.

pool shok treatment

The only way to get rid of these dangers is to give your pool proper and frequent maintenance. We have been offering the best pool cleaning services in all of Boca Raton and we will be happy to help you get the best maintenance for the most affordable costs.

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Fence, and or Baby Fence

Just like swimming pools themselves have changed with time, pool fences have become quite different over the years than they were in the beginning. And while it’s important to have a fence around your swimming pool for many reasons, it’s even more important to have a baby fence, to ensure that the littlest ones among us are protected from harm.

baby fence

Here we will be discussing the three basic types of fence available today for swimming pools, their advantages and disadvantages, with a big nod to baby fences.

Ornamental Aluminum

This has become the most sought after type of pool fence in the country today thanks to its long-lasting durability and sophisticated appearance. The process of powder coating is used with this fence. What this means is that the aluminum is coated with a dry powder which is put on as a free flowing agent rather than ordinary paint.

Wrought iron fence is totally different. This material is exceedingly heavy and has a painted surface. It’s a fact that iron fence is seldom used around pools because of its tendency to be a lot more costly and takes a lot more time and effort to maintain.


This type of fence is often used around pools. It comes in two basic styles: standard fence, which is 48″-54″ tall with with either solid slats or spaced pickets; and, if you insist upon your privacy, a privacy fence, which is 6′-7′ tall with the slats butted together to make a solid panel. A lot of people like to have lattice or spindles added for the top foot of the fence to make the design look more attractive.

If you think you might like this kind of fence, it is ideal for privacy, low maintenance, has many styles to choose from, and another plus is that many manufacturers can adapt their styles to custom heights for only a minimal or no extra charge at all. The main concerns with this type of fence is that the gates start to sag after a while, and if your pool is located in a wet shady area, mildew can form on the fence.


Even though wood tends to be dominated by PVC and aluminum because of their low maintenance benefits, it has still remained highly popular. In fact, thousands of wood fences are placed around pools annually. It’s a completely natural material, it’s easy to customize, and looks good too.


Along with all the types of fences listed above, there is also mesh fence good for areas with compounds with children and babies. It’s a great baby fence, because this fence can be removed and a child or baby can’t climb it because it lacks foot holds. Many mesh fences also come with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate, which has no top cross bars. Perfect for keeping children safe.

Eagle Pools Services also provides baby fence for you pool in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and surrounding areas, just give us a call for a free estimate (561) 665-7333

Eagle Pools Services, the Best Pool Service in Coral Springs

pool service coral springsEagle Pools Services located in Boca Raton, FL is a family-owned pool maintenance and cleaning service with over six years of experience in the field. We cover a wide area including pool service Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, and a vast number of other locations as well.

If you want your pool kept in the best condition possible, then these are the people to call. Once they’re on the job their experts will provide a complete and exhaustive check of the pool while giving it a rigorous cleaning so that they can detect and correct any repairs which need to be made immediately and get to work on them at once. By doing this they help prevent the problem becoming worse while it awaits repair.

Pool Maintenance

While having a pool installed in your yard is an exciting and fun prospect, before you act, you should consider all of the maintenance required. And remember, the larger the pool, the more work will be involved. Whether you opt to tackle this chore yourself, or hire someone the cost can still put a sizable dent in your budget. That’s why you should consider Eagle Pools Services, because they understand about budgets and all of their services are reasonably priced.

Also, you can’t postpone, or eliminate pool maintenance altogether. That could be disastrous for both you and your family. The cleanliness of the water must be maintained and any dirt, dust particles, or other impurities that can be mixed in with the water, despite having a filter, should be removed on a regular basis.

A professional pool maintenance service such as Eagle Pools Services will take care of this for you, but they also know that there is much more to be done. The filter, pump and other parts of the pool apparatus require cleaning and upkeep need to have this performed on them regularly. Also, the chemical balance in your pool must be maintained.

If you ignore the chemical balance in your pool, thinking that it’s importance is just overhyped, then bacteria and other germs will thrive in the water. Once this has been allowed to occur for a long enough period of time, it will the filters and pump to become clogged, which leads to their either functioning poorly or not at all. Without them your pool is not safe to use.

So this is when you should turn to Eagle Pools Services. With the extensive area they cover, from Boca Raton to pool service coral springs, you should be able to get them to come on out and give you an inexpensive estimate for continuing care of your pool during the warm weather.

With their long history of professionalism, knowledge, and integrity they will tell you exactly what is necessary to provide top-notch maintenance and care of your pool. Then they will proceed to do it, keeping your swimming pool in perfect shape for you and your family.

Give us a call and discover why Eagle Pools Services it is the #1 choice for pool cleaning and maintenance in South Florida (561) 665-7333

Pool Shock Treatment


A pool without treatment for a long time can turn green due to algae infestation, in this case,  it is necessary to provide a special treatment called shock. This treatment is also necessary when the pool is contaminated with feces or dead animals.

The Pool Shock Treatment is characterized by the addition of chlorine in the pool above the regular amount. Normally we add 14 grams of granular chlorine for every 1000 liters of water in the pool.


The shock treatment in the pool is used when there is a very serious problem in the pool and only the excess chlorine can solve, such as:

Heavy rains;

Water contamination by dead animals or feces;

 Excess organic material in water;

A large number of swimmers attending the pool daily;

Green water and signs of algae growth;

Complaints of burning eyes or strong chlorine odor;

Unpleasant odor in the pool;

Shock treatment in the swimming pool

Check and adjust the levels of alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 7.4).  Add 14 g of chlorine granules per cubic meter of water.


After the addition of extra chlorine, all the dirt from the water would fall to the bottom of the pool.  Now we will be able to vacuum the bottom.

pool shok treatment

Eagle Pools Services is prepared and qualified to undertake the treatment of your pool keeping it always clean and clear!

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Solar pool cover

In Coral Springs, FL we have a very nice and hot summer, why don’t take advantage of that to keep our pool warm?

The solar pool cover it is made to be placed on the surface of the pool water to keep your pool heated and protected.

Usually made of a plastic film of polyethylene with UV treatment against ultraviolet rays, the solar pool cover can increase your pool temperature by 15 degrees.

The solar pool cover in a heated pool it is very helpful because it does facilitate the pool cleaning and maintenance, also reduces the consumption of electric energy spent by the heating system and water consumption (because of evaporation). 

  • With the solar pool cover you can reduce by more than 30 the power consumption with the pool heating;
  • Saving water because it prevents a lot of water loss by evaporation.
  • Reduces the amount of impurities that fall into the pool, making cleaning easier;
  • Keeps heated for longer;
  • The chemical treatment facilitates the pool since it reduces evaporation of the product added to the water;
  • Also reduces the proliferation of algae in the pool, it drastically reduces the brightness that the pool gets.

pool service coral springs

The main disadvantage of the cover it is removing it and put it back in the pool, even with a reel cover it can be very exhausting if the pool in question has large.

You also should have a place to store the cover when it is out of the pool to avoid any damage caused by the sun exposition.

It will require some cleaning to avoid that dirty with some impurity as decanter or granular chlorine pool damage the pool.

Need some help? Eagle Pools Services provides pool service in Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Lighthouse Point. Call us today for a free estimate (561) 665-7333

How to remove the stains from your pool

The problem with stains can happen in masonry pools (insert, tile, porcelain tile) and also in vinyl pools. 

It is interesting, first of all, check the type of stain that comes in your pool. Should identify what kind of stain is it in the pool vinyl pools, there is a certain manufacturing defects that encourages the growth of a species of fungus that eventually stain the walls and the bottom of the pool.

The vinyl pool usually has several years of warranty against manufacturing defects and these spots caused by fungi, are considered a manufacturing defect.

 There are several factors that can cause stains in the pool:

– Development of algae

– Metals used in water supplies

– Cracks allowing penetration of dirt and organic matter at the base of the coating

pool cleaning service boca raton


How to remove a stain from your swimming pool

Leave a trichlor tablet in contact with the stained surface;

Leave the tablet until the stain is gone completely, remembering to scrub daily local stained 

During this period the pool should not be used if the chlorine content exceeding 3 ppm , and to use it, the tablets should be removed and stored in a plastic bucket with pool water.


Stains on fiber and vinyl pool 

Stains on vinyl pools or fiber can be removed by lowering the pH to below pH 6.8 using reducer. Lowering the pH becomes acidic water and softens stains making them easy to remove. 

The treatment may have the duration of one week, during this period the pool will be closed, and brushing of spots on the surface of the pool should be performed with a brush. Do not use abrasive materials. 

After removing stain, vacuum the bottom of the pool with the filter in the drain position. Adjust the parameters of alkalinity and pH, keep the chlorine content of between 1 and 3 ppm.


Does your pool need an upgrade?

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How is your pool looking? Eagle Pools Services is specialized in Pool Remodeling Boca Raton and Coral Springs, if your pool is looking old, we can make it looks like new again!

See our work above using Diamond Brite® and new tiles:

Diamond Brite® is a finishing product designed for pools, spas, wet areas, and more. It’s product designed for the decoration of new or old pools.

Diamond Brite® is a pool liner made of quartz, one of purest minerals and durable nature. They are manufactured with methods computerized quality control, providing maximum performance.

Even after some time and cleaning  processes, the bright colors of Diamond Brite® will not fade or age, they will be even more
alive and highlighted.

Each component of Diamond Brite® is carefully selected, their quartz concentrations are unchanged even with the strongest chemicals for swimming pools.

The high polymer technology used together with the dedicated Portland cement, and increase strength, improve the alloy and to reduce water penetration.

Benefits of using Diamond Brite®:

  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Etch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Improved bonding
  • Reduced water penetration
  • Increased hardness
  • Smooth non-skin surface

Don’t hesitate in contacting Eagle Pools Services for your remodeling or resurfacing needs.

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