Balancing Chemicals Keeps Water Safe
Balancing Chemicals


Pool water needs to be treated with chemicals to prevent organic reproduction. Bacteria, algae, and other tiny living micronisms can quickly get out of control unless the water contains certain chlorine-based chemicals.

The problem is that these chemicals need to be continuously monitored and balanced so that they become neither too weak to do their job or too strong and potentially hazardous to swimmers. A professional pool service like Eagle Pools will test your pool water, balance the chemicals, and add more chemicals if necessary so that your pool water is always safe.

Balancing Chemicals

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a pool service care for your pool compared to trying to do it yourself. While testing pool water and balancing chemicals isn’t that complicated, it is chemistry. And even the smallest mistake can have significant consequences to the health and safety of your family.

Many homeowners have the best intentions when it comes to pool care. But if they forget to do it or decide to skip a test, the bacteria and other organisms in your pool water can quickly get out of control. It’s ultimately safer and more convenient to have your pool service handle it for you.

Eagle Pools

At Eagle Pools, we have been helping South Florida homeowners keep their pools clean, safe, and in perfect balance for more than 20 years. Our teams of experienced, professional pool care providers have the knowledge and equipment to perfectly balance your pool water so that it is always safe for you and your family.

There is simply too much at stake to take chances with your pool water. Contaminated water can quickly make swimmers sick. And if there are too many chemicals in your water, it can cause skin burns and other health issues. A better plan is to trust the professionals.

When you want peace of mind, choose Eagle Pools.

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