Are You Overusing Your Pool?


Are You Overusing Your Pool?Is your backyard swimming pool constantly in use? Does it seem like there’s always somebody swimming, playing, or splashing in your pool to the point that the water is discolored or the water levels are low? If so, it could mean that your pool is being overused.

Pool use tends to be cyclical. In the summer months when temperatures are higher and the kids are out of school, pool time is maximized. But in cooler winter months, pools often sit idle. Yet in warm weather climates like South Florida, pool season never really ends because backyard swimming pools can be used essentially all year round.

Signs of Overuse

Pools aren’t designed to be used constantly. The more people use your pool, the faster the chemicals in the water can break down and lose their effectiveness. When this occurs, the water can become cloudy, discolored, or just plain dirty.

Another sign of overuse is low water levels. As people play and splash in your pool, water escapes over the sides and into the drain gutters. If your pool is constantly in use, the amount of water being lost can be greater than the water being replenished into the pool, resulting in dropping water levels.

Are You Overusing Your Pool? – Addressing Overuse

There are two ways to deal with your pool being used too much. The first is to limit the time people can use it. Set time limits, such as closing your pool between sunset and sunrise. Or limit your kids to only a couple of hours of pool use per day.

The second way is to increase the frequency of your pool service and maintenance. Chemical levels can be adjusted so that they are consistent with usage. If your pool is being used more, it makes sense to take care of it more frequently.

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