A Shocking Way to Improve Your Pool
Improve Your Pool



When your pool experiences a sudden buildup of combined chlorine, algae, or other potentially harmful substances, sometimes the fastest and best solution is to shock it. Not with electricity but with safe and effective chemicals.

Pool shocking is a process in which helpful pool chemicals are added to the water in order to quickly fix common pool problems. It’s one of the many services offered by Eagle Pools that can make your pool safer, better, and more enjoyable for you and your family.

Pool Shocking

“So, wait, you add chlorine in order to reduce chlorine?” Essentially, yes. That’s because there are two types of chlorine that can be found in your pool water: Free chlorine (good) and combined chlorine (bad).

Free chlorine is the pure chemical that keeps your pool by killing contaminants like bacteria and algae. Combined chlorine is made up of chlorine molecules that have bonded with other chemicals like ammonia or nitrogen, making them unable to interact with other molecules in the water and therefore ineffective as a sanitizer.

Pool shocking involves adding more free chlorine to increase the effectiveness of the chemical’s cleaning potential. The process frequently is done anytime after the pool’s water has undergone a sudden and rapid change. Examples can include after heavy rain, after a prolonged spell of sunny weather, or after a pool party during which the pool was used a lot by many people for a longer than normal period of time.

Eagle Pools

The benefit of pool shocking is that it is both fast and effective. Eagle Pools can Improve Your Pool check your pool’s chlorine levels and then shock it so that the water is within safe and acceptable levels.

Pool shocking can help clean your pool quickly and safely. Call Eagle Pools today to schedule your pool shock treatment and get your pool back in use as quickly as possible.

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