We are specialists in full service pool cleaning and our mission it’s make you happy keeping your pool clean and clear.

Test and balance
the water chemistry

Test, supply, and adjust chemical level (chlorine or salt) as necessary !

Brush tile and
walls as necessary

Scrub pool’s walls and floor, removing dirt, and detaching
algae before it can really take hold and grow

Skim the surface

Skim the water line to remove any leaves, sticks, pine needles,
or other debris that may have fallen into your pool.

Vacuum the bottom

We vacuum the pool’s bottom using a Hammer Head Vacuum.

Clean pump and skimmer
basket as necessary

We also clean out the pool’s skimmer and pump basket,
removing any debris that may have accumulated there.

Salt System

“What You Need To Know About  Salt System.

Pool light

Colorful LED or regular.

Shock – Acid wash –

If the ground isn’t visible, the value of the chemicals and labor
can typically be larger than the acid wash charge.

Pool repair

Pumps, motor, filters repairs or replacements

Check equipment

We check your pool’s equipment to make sure that it is always working optimally.

Pool cleaning
and maintenance

We will clean out the filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate.

Backwash filter
as necessary

At Eagle Pools, our goal is for you to never have to worry about the quality of your pool’s water.

Pool Resurfacing

What You  Need To Know About Pool Resurfacing.

Pool Fence

Protect Your Family With a Baby Pool Fence.

Heater installation

Heat pump and gas pump.